Interview with Ben Joravsky on old Chicago machine politics and new TIF reforms

TIF reforms in chicago and old Chicago machine politics

PHOTO: RICH HEIN/SUN-TIMES MEDIA Talking TIFs and old Chicago Politics with Ben Joravsky @joravben. In honor of his 35th year as an elected official, Cook County clerk David Orr did what he does best: he irritated the hell out of a powerful mayor. In this case, the mayor was Rahm Emanuel, though in the past it’s …

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1987 – Dec 1 – City of Chicago Special Council Session to Honor Harold Washington

City of Chicago’s special council meeting to honor and remember Mayor Harold Washington’s life and legacy. Consideration of a Resolution on the death of MAYOR HAROLD WASHINGTON. “Across the country and around the world, we’ve made it clear there’s a new Spirit of Chicago, building on the old. “Chicago is not simply the City that Works. The word …

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