Democratic candidates running in the November 4, 2014 Gubernatorial Election will take the top spot on the ballot in Cook County.

Their card was picked in a ballot position lottery held by Cook County Clerk David Orr on Tuesday.
David Orr and the Director of Elections Noah Praetz, folded two note cards – one with “Democratic” and one with “Republican” written on them and stuffed them into bottles.

The pill bottles were dropped into a bowl, which Praetz shook before David Orr selected the one containing the “Democratic” card.

David confirmed there was no dirty tricks by opening the other bottle containing the “Republican” one.

As a result, Democratic candidates will be first on the ballot in suburban Cook County, as well as on all Chicago ballots.

Republican candidates will occupy the second spot. Four years ago, the Republican party won the ballot lottery held for a Gubernatorial general election.

A ballot lottery is conducted prior to each general election to determine the order in which the established political parties will appear on the ballot.

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