Orr Says Daley’s Beat-Cop Plan is ‘4 Years Late’

Feb 3, 1993 / By Ray Long / City Hall Reporter

Cook County Clerk David D. Orr, sounding like a candidate for higher office, blasted Mayor Daley Wednesday for waiting “four years too late” to start community policing.

 “I don’t know where the mayor has been for the last four years.” Orr said while taping “The Reporters” to air at 9 p.m. Sunday on WMAQ-AM (670).

Sniping back, Daley said he hasn’t “issued any marriage licenses,” one of Orr’s tasks as county clerk.

And Orr “ran underneath his seat” during Daley’s fight to build a new airport at Lake Calumet the mayor charged. “He was afraid to get into the controversy.”

An Orr aide later countered that Orr expressed serious reservations about the Lake Calumet site.

As for community policing Daley said, “It’s never too late for anything. . . This is not just community policing per se, [but] a fundamental shift in the philosophy and the operation of the Chicago Police Department.”

Daley announced Tuesday that five districts will launch a trial of community policing, a system designed to expan beat patrols and their contacts with residents.

Orr said he wishes Daley’s program success, but “but community policing is not a new idea. . . Why did it take so long? We’re just now talking about a pilot program in 1993? There’s no reason this couldn’t have been up and running one year ago, two years ago.”

Daley said the city needed time to plan the system after awaiting consultant’s report on its feasibility here.

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