• Democratic Party of Evanston Awards Dinner

    I was honored to be the keynote speaker at the DPOE's annual dinner and also receive the "yellow dog award." .

  • Congratulations to Anthony Napolitano 41st ward

    Good Luck!

  • Abner Mikva visits Orr

    I was honored to meet with former congressman, White House council Abner Mikva. discuss ways to expand youth registration, voting and ways we can encourage youth participation in the electoral process.

  • Election Reform in Illinois

    David Orr with Gov. Pat Quinn who signed into law legislation that expands voting opportunities in Illinois, by allowing election-day voter registration at limited sites.

  • 2014 Chicago Pride Parade

    Chicago came out to celebrate the 1st year of marriage equality in Illinois. David Orr was proud to host the 1st couple to be married in Chicago.

To restore democracy, overturn Citizens United ruling

In 1932, Herbert Hoover still found time for fishing three months before the election.

To restore democracy, overturn Citizens United ruling   “Money changes everything,” the saying goes, and its disastrous effect is being felt throughout American politics. Our democracy is under siege since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision gave free rein to SuperPACs and dark money, elongating an already-lengthy election cycle and further discouraging voter participation in …

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Marriage Equality for All


Marriage equality will now be the law of the land, and there is no turning back! I am thrilled that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of marriage equality, agreeing with the majority of Americans that same-sex couples throughout the United States should enjoy the right to marry. Justice delayed is justice denied. …

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Truth about TIFs in Chicago & exposing pay to play politics


Truth about TIF or Tax increment financing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMLMHBzvq5M TIF stands for Tax Increment Financing. It is something that has become very big in Chicago and is a creative economic tool. The problem in Chicago, is that it has unfortunately been misused. You have to understand what TIF money is. It is tax increment financing, that is …

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David Orr response to Sun-Times editorial – Chuy’s floating blimp springs a leak

By David Orr, Co-Chair of Garcia for Chicago Mayoral Campaign in response Sun-Times editorial: Chuy’s floating blimp springs a leak The owners of the Sun-Times have made it clear that Chicago should solve its financial crisis by slashing pensions, jobs, and benefits — without a policy to share the pain or gain — and certainly …

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Illinois is a leader in expanding voter access

Tuesday, October 13th, 2014 4:15 PM State Sen. Don Harmon & Cook County Clerk David Orr Around the country, voter suppression battles are raging. But here at home, Illinois is leading the charge for voter rights and expanding ballot access. We’re guided by a simple concept: Our democracy is always stronger when more people participate. …

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